Rika says…
01.26 – Every time I look at that finished product, I feel a little better.. I predict the 1000th hit sometime on Sunday. If it’s you let us know, ne?
Nami says…
01.20 – WOAH! we are ALMOST at 1000 hits. ^_^ GASP~O GASP~O! if you happen to be # 1000 TELL US! we MIGHT care. well ok we will care a lot. some how were getting hits, even though were like invalids -_-
MUAHAHAHHA but soon i will have stuff up … 9_9 hopefully XD
Nami says…
01.19 – -_- WOW. I have NOT been by a scanner all to long that’s why… were kind of not having anything new go up. -_- GOMEN!

but I will rectify this :: see above::

its nothing scanned BUT its nami “art?”

BWAHAHAHA…. i go … ninjas are comeing.

also i died my hair….