Key Factors That Go Into Online Slot Game Design

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular as more regions open up to iGaming laws. Globally, the online casino market is expected to reach $92.9 billion by 2023. This steady increase is largely attributable to the development of mobile-optimized game engines.

Through daily growing casino numbers, slot machine symbols are arguably the majority of games served. Those online, however, are more compelling. Online slot machines imitate popular slot machines popular in land-based casinos. They are available in different themes and stimulating visual effects (3D animations and graphic elements). The compatibility of online slots with various mobile devices is another reason why players love them. You can play a social slot or a real money game while taking a train or taxi home.

As the popularity of slot machines continues to attract players, slot machine developers are rolling up their sleeves to satisfy the ever-increasing demand. The booming market attracts creative, detail-oriented designers to stay relevant in the face of changing demand. If you want an insight into slot game design, we have comprehensively covered the key factors that define the process.

Slot machine development process

The development of online slot machines is not an overnight process. The process includes extensive research and a deep understanding of programming languages ​​to bring an online slot machine to your screen.

The following flowchart is essential to start the process.

  • The target and the mission
  • Research
  • Planning & Creation
  • Final design

Between these stages are experienced professionals in casino game development services. These professionals include server developers, statisticians/mathematicians, graphic designers, front/back-end developers, creative teams, game testers, and a project manager. It’s teamwork efforts that result in competitive slot games.

The first step

The first step is rigorous market research. The design team establishes which features are requested. The team also identifies its key market segment. After that, proposals are tabled to turn the conceptualization into a concrete and achievable plan by vote. The project is then passed on to the creative team.

creative process

The creative team offers comparisons with pre-made designs with existing slot machine designs. The comparative step allows you to create a unique slot machine.

From the unique concept adopted, the team can identify an appropriate theme. There are many topics to consider. Fantasy, space, thriller, vampire, mining, and romance are examples.

Considering the theme of the slot machine, the team thinks about the next step, the atmosphere of the game. It can be a cartoon-oriented animation or a reality-like game with immersive graphics. Color schemes, audio backgrounds, fonts, and schemes are conceptualized here. The frequency of in-game bonuses and welcome features is also presented in this step.

User experience and user design factor

When playing online slots, you must have realized the particular elements. These elements are mostly borrowed from a movie, TV show, classic or modern novel, among others. Slot game developers consider such relatable hints to stimulate play and energize players.

User experience in game development strives to provide gameplay twists and movements that a player can easily relate to, given their past interactions. Modern casino developments like gamification, retro vibes, animations, celebrity-inspired slots, and mobile optimization take center stage here. This step is delicate because the whole team must use data from research. The data helps identify ideal characters and how they transition from scene to scene.

Random number generator

Online slot machines run on a random number generator. This generator ensures fairness because the outcome of the game is purely random. RNGs have built-in proprietary algorithms that choose numbers that correspond to various game symbols. Developers are understandably silent on RNG designs to prevent hackers from creating software prototypes, a factor that would damage the credibility of the game outcome. .

Checking the main version

A preliminary version in the development process of online slot machines is crucial. The process involves the creation of a skeleton to test the accuracy of software compatibility and reduce errors to insignificant levels. The team’s attention at this stage is limited to only the crucial aspects. The following is the primary version of the whole project.

Find the ideal market

Finding the ideal market is the next step in casino game development. A game designer must aspire to solve the problems of potential players. Keeping in mind the issues of the gamers, the developers also consider the fit between the product and the market. The concept of adjustment makes it possible to identify the market which would guarantee the equilibrium of the game in terms of size. The concept of minimum viable product (MVP) plays an essential role here. The concept allows the project steward to assess the market potential and game gaps that the new game will fill.

Game test

Game test is the final part of the whole process. Game testers help measure the performance and quality of aspects of the game. Are there bugs in the system? How can the software update make the game more interactive?

Various game testing methods include:

Combinatorial tests

Game industry developers use the combinatorial method for testing commercial software. A developer can improve efficiency, quality, phase containment, and cost through the method as it generates test cases.

Clean room testing

Clean room testing helps determine the reliability of the software. Cleanroom testing uses mathematical deductions and statistical-based reasoning to minimize errors.

Functionality test

Functionality testing determines the functions of the slot machine software according to the rendered specifications. The main objective of this test is to identify errors that may compromise the user experience.

Compatibility test

A compatibility test is essential at the end of the development process. The test helps to map errors in the functionality of the product with respect to its hardware, software and graphics. Also, the test is a criterion to validate if a game is optimized for various mobile or desktop platforms.


The development process for video slots is demanding. The development team takes into account many factors, from the concept to the concrete ideas and the final product. What crystallizes as your favorite game is the result of the concerted efforts of software engineers, designers, front-end developers, game testers, project managers, and configurators.

Towards project completion, designers should focus on prototype testing. Careful market monitoring to identify traffic-driving trends is an important part of the process. Testing can identify faulty random number generators early enough. Testing mitigates the deployment of games that are unfair or unresponsive to various gaming platforms.

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