Seraphic Blue (セラフィックブルー)

Seraphic Blue (セラフィックブルー) is a 50+ hour epic RPG made by Tempura in RPG Maker 2000 v1.51, and is highly-received in the Japanese RPG Maker community, most notably for its story. It has 2 versions: the original (made in 2004) and Director’s Cut (made in 2006). The version translated here is Director’s Cut.

Seraphic Blue is well-known for its
– Deep and intriguing atypical dark storyline with a deep underlying message
– Highly creative custom battle and menu systems
– Flexible equipping with the Sphere System
– Precise cutscene transitions and dialogue pauses, making the cutscenes feel more alive.
– Custom artworks to accompany some cutscenes
– Awesome music and well-used sound effects
and many more.

Sample in-game video of Seraphic Blue:

NOTE1: This is NOT created by me. It is created by a man named Tempura (known as Sakaki in the game credits). I am the sole translator of this game (with kumada as the proofreader), and I have permission to translate this game from Tempura himself. Credits to Tempura and his team for creating such an awesome game 🙂

NOTE2: In case there are missing files, here is the RTP to download:
1) RPG Maker 2000 RTP:

NOTE3: In case fonts are not showing properly in game, here are the 4 fonts to download under the link below:
If fonts are still not showing properly even after installing the above, download the font patch from this website:
Do check out the following playthroughs of Seraphic Blue by the following users:
Bugfragged (Boss videos only)
– Drifloon (Screenshots playthrough): Part 1 & Part 2

Do also check out the list of Seraphic Blue OSTs (started by Ryan91487).
A sample OST can be listened to below.

And for the curious, here’s the TVTropes page of Seraphic Blue.

Also, a special wikia page of the main villain of this game: courtesy of Ryan91487. WARNING: Do not read this if you don’t want to be spoiled of the game.

Lastly, check out my alternative site for my translated games here (

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