Seraphic Blue

Seraphic Blue (セラフィック・ブルー) is a freeware, console-style RPG made by a Japanese amateur game designer Tempura (天ぷら), also known as Sakaki (榊). The game was released over the Internet on 15th May, 2004, and it has since become a popular (yet controversial) Japanese RPG-Maker game.

The game features a well-constructed CBS and CMS, complex narrative full of plot twists, a crapload of cutscenes, and somewhat pretentious writing. Before Seraphic Blue, Tempura released, and subsequently pulled back from the web, two epic RPGs, Sacred Blue (made by RM95) and Stardust Blue (made by RM2k).

To play (non-translated versions of) Seraphic Blue, you require the legal, Japanese version of the RM2k RTP to be separately downloaded and installed (link). The game folder is about 63 megabytes in size and comes in a compressed form using the LZH archive format.

In 5th November, 2006, Seraphic Blue Director’s Cut, a re-balanced version of Seraphic Blue with minor tweaks and added content, was released, also developed by Tempura.

Seraphic Blue Director’s Cut has been translated into English by eplipswich and kumada. It has gone through a number of demos before it was fully released on October 14 2014.

Seraphic Blue
Creator: Tempura

Release (Japanese): 15th May 2004

Release (English full): 14th Oct, 2014

Genre: JRPG

Gameplay Time: 50 hrs+ (estimate)

Status: Japanese version: Complete; English version: Complete
Website (Japanese): (dead link)

Website (English):

Download (Japanese): original release, Director’s Cut

Download (English):

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